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04-10-2013, 01:16 PM
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Originally Posted by Byrddog View Post
The number I saw in the article I posted was 15,063. Unlessthe Blues fans have just quit traveling to Nashville like they did in tthe past I have to think there were a couple thousand of them in the mix as well.

When I posted earlier in the year a concern about the fickle fanbase in Tennessee as a whole not just hockey I was blown off and chastized. I know for sure you were there in the years I refer too when we struggled to put 10 in the building on a night that was not Sat. The support has grown and from those days of 7500 hardcore supporters its probably arround 10k of them now and walk ups have been great finishing off the arena. This Fri and Sun should have pretty good crowds due to the weekend and yes I would expect they sell out these two. If they don't the issue could be larger than I thought and much worse than those who earlier in the year talked like our fanbase was as good as the big markets. We are passionate fans we tend to see any positive thing involved with this team be it players ar the acceptance of hockey in this market. Our core fans will be there reguardless the casual fan and corporate sections are tied to success. While one shortened season may not break the gains made over the past several years it will effect the bottom line. And I can care less that there is a billionaire in the ownership group he is not going to **** money into a team with no return. It early for that decsion but ther quality of the team on the ice this year has not been very good and the outlook for next year is not much better at this time. If upgrades are made and we have a legit 1st line next year instead of the mish mosh of recent I will eat all these words and attendance will not be an issue.
The number I cited is the average attendance through 20 games. Someone tracking attendance so closely should know that.

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