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04-10-2013, 12:39 PM
If and if...
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I would say it depends on who we draft this year. I'll assume the Avs get a top 3 pick.

Draft Jones: Keep all 3 and see if you can get all 3 centers signed for $18m. This should leave enough room to maintain 6 solid wingers and a solid top 4, but the Avs will have to spend near the cap.

Draft MacKinnon: Trade one of ROR or Stastny. Doesn't really matter which as Mac will likely be the #2 long term as he has significantly more offensive upside than either one. I would lean to trading ROR because of the higher return he would bring (play Mac at RW until ROR could be traded or injuries happen).

Draft Drouin: All options are really open. Drouin helps give depth on the wings and would allow the 3 centers to split Drouin, Landeskog, McGinn, PAP, Downie, and Jones. All of those players on their game are top 6 capable. This would be a team that could roll 3 legit scoring lines the whole game. This would make me lean to keeping all 3, but at the same point Hishon/Sgarbossa could be groomed to take over a #3 scoring line role with some talent on their wings to help them along. If one of those two are close enough to being ready (could probably tell by next trade deadline), then I would lean to trading Stastny for a top 4 defender.

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