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04-10-2013, 12:40 PM
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Originally Posted by shutehinside View Post
With all this blaming of Carey Price for losing or more specifically, not winning us games, I'm curious to know who you'd rather have in net?

It's one thing to bash a guy but another entirely to say who'd prefer to man the nets for the Canadiens for the next 5-10 years.

Maybe we can have a poll once/if we settle in on a few names over Price just to see.

For my money, there's no other goalie I'd rather have in the NHL than Price right now.

Price - 1

Other - 0
Not sure where you get anybody on here calling for Price to be moved.

Saying a guy gave up a bad goal or had a bad game is stating a fact not hating a player. Some people on here are haters...some Desharnais, other it was Subban until this year, others Plekanec or Gionta...however if there are any Price haters they are few and far in between.

I think he is a top 10-15 NHL goalie...BUT I think he acn be better, he has another level or even two that he can one being a top 5 guy year in year out...and the one above that is hall of fame/superstar Brodeur/Roy/Thomas/Hasek type playoff goaltending to win a champonship.

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