Thread: Speculation: Who should the Flyers amnesty?
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04-10-2013, 01:05 PM
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Originally Posted by GoneFullHolmgren View Post
Regehr is better then Coburn, Not a fan of White. The thing you get with Regehr is something you don't get with Coburn. consistency. Regehr has always been a good, solid consistent defender.
it would be a mistake to trade Coburn without a plan in place. That I agree with.
Coburn might be the most frustrating player on the roster. He is a guy that has all the physical tools and he just doesn't get it. For him I really think its all above the shoulders. He is like Pitkanen in that regard.

ill bring the name up again. Coburn is a bigger version of Randy Jones. Thats what I see when I see Coburn play.
I'm not sure what makes you think Regher is better than Coburn. Coburn has outscored him in every season except one since being an NHL regular (in which he was one point behind Regehr but was a +15 to Regehr's +2). Coburn has also been solid defensively throughout his entire NHL career, despite his recent poor season in which the entire team has consistently struggled. I'm not saying Coburn is a great Norris trophy defender, but I am not sure exactly what you see in Regehr that would make you think he is better than Coburn. It can't be his offense since Coburn has 30 points less than Regehr in less than half the games played, so it has to be his defense. While Regehr is good defensively, Coburn is at least on the same level. Again, Coburn hasn't looked great this year, but I don't think that he is all of the sudden not as good as Robyn Regehr. And isn't an offensive PMD what this team is looking for? While Coburn may not be the best defender out there from an offensive potential standpoint, he is clearly better than Regehr in that respect. Why downgrade a position of need (i.e. offense from the blueline)?

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