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04-10-2013, 01:59 PM
Chris Hansen
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Every goalie lets in bad goals. People are ultra-sensitive on that topic with Crawford because they assume the playoff series last year is the norm.
That's really the main problem I have with this Emery/Crawford debate. Both goalies let in bad goals. Every goalie lets in bad goals. Crawford is no more prone to it than any other average or slightly above average NHL goalie is. People simply fixate on the memorable ones.

Leads to a double standard where people get on one goalie about something, but don't do the same thing for the other guy. Emery has let in his share of weak goals this year too. On the whole both goalies have performed at more or less the same level. Personally I want Crawford as the #1 because I think he's more talented and is quicker side-to-side. It's perfectly fine to prefer Emery but I feel like some fans are doing it for completely the wrong reasons.

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