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Originally Posted by AIREAYE View Post
Nice, I'm glad you took the time to try them and ask.

The 7K Plus was an SMU product I believe, an upper-mid end skate made especially for some retailers that was essentially a 7K with maybe an additional feature or two. For $160, they're a good deal. We had them back in my old store and they were solidly built skates.

Have you tried CCM? Bauer Supreme?

I would see when the store would get more in or if they could somehow wrangle a pair form somewhere for you to try. I wouldn't settle for the 7K until you've tried the other fits because you never know if something else could be better.
Thanks for your insight into the 7K+, AIREAYE!

I tried on a pair of 6D CCM U+ 10's as well, and they felt the same to me as the 7K+. I also tried on some Bauer supremes (6D, 5.5D), and they felt like they'd be too narrow in a D, so I'll wait for a store to get some EE's. I'm also going to wait til the store get some more Bauer Nexus in (they said they might get a Bauer shipment in the next week or two) as they felt very comfortable. It's odd, I find that the Nexus doesn't seem to be a model places stock a lot of (same with 5.5EE's )

I think the silver lining in all of this is that I now know my length lies between a junior and senior size.. so a good chance I could be saving some money there.

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