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04-10-2013, 03:47 PM
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Originally Posted by Romans12_12 View Post
To those who have said why is this thread even necessary, or what a bad fan, or choking sens fans, or any of the other excuses/accusations made - I want you to understand that this is about a lesson in hubris.

1) The whole #peskysens thing was rubbish from the beginning. Maclean should have squashed that immediately. For the last few months this team and its fans have been chest thumping our supremacy despite the significant losses to injury that was suffered.
Although the team has played incredible and beyond expectations, when you start giving yourself these kinds of names you better be able to back that up in the long run. No one knows how the season will end up, but if we cannot beat Buffalo, Tampa, or Florida on the road - we really have no business being in the playoffs let alone calling the team #pesky.

2) If this was Toronto or Montreal, or any other team that the fanbase around here despises, we would be calling it a choke job. Five straight losses to the bottom feeders of the conference? The orgasms around here from dishing that out on the Leafs would be in triplicate. There are a lot of glass houses that have been broken this day. So if we can have fun calling ourselves #peskysens, then we should equally be able to have fun embracing our joke job that is currently taking place.
Or 3) Realize that this is a game, and the PeskySens thing just adds a bit more fun to all this.

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