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04-10-2013, 03:05 PM
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I like the Ian Cole idea. After their TDL deals, the Blues certainly a surplus at Defense moving forward. Not sure how well we match up as far as being able to meet their needs, but, there are a couple of defensemen on that team I wouldn't be against trading for.

The Coyotes are another team with some targets of interest and a surplus at the position. I think we have the ability to satisfy their needs better than the Blues.

If Lecavalier were to be bought out, it would be after next year at the deadline for amnesty buyouts. If they keep him for 3 more years the contract reaches the downturn point (due $6.5M over the final 3) where a regular buyout would only be costly in its cap hit.

I just don't see spending $2 for every $1 Vinny is still owed as being at all realistic from a business standpoint - Vinik's deep pockets can't rationalize $90M for $7.27M/6in cap space even if they can easily afford it. Its too much risk, not enough reward that what you replace Vinny's capspace with doesn't even perform up to a level of what you expect to get out of Vinny the rest of the way. Adding in all the non-business angles...I expect him back next year, and likely two or three more after the least.

Stamkos BFF

NEED MOAR DOWNIE! - "ancient chinese secret,huh?"

We need a bulldog on that top line. It might be Killorn, but I'd rather not force it upon him so soon when his development to this point has been so fluid. Pouliot has been nice, but seems more effective in a secondary 2nd/3rd line role. Malone 'should' fit there, but has pretty clearly demonstrated over his tenure here that he doesn't have the chemistry. Aforementioned Lecavalier is most useful to the team at center. Any other top 6 options currently on the team don't bring the requisite muscle.

What to do?

Not sure what sort of solution Yzerman will come up with. Sticking with what we've got seems unlikely. The dollars a top line winger commands certainly make the idea a luxury we likely can no longer afford, given other needs. You could also argue that the depth of young wingers necessitates us trying them all there until someone finally clicks. I'm curious how this quiet issue plays out over the offseason, how its addressed - whether through trade, free agency, or from within.

On the eternally optimistic side, Downie himself is UFA after next can only hope.

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