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04-10-2013, 03:59 PM
Rosso Scuderia
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Originally Posted by SouthernHab View Post
After watching the game last night and reading the PGT and this thread, I am officially jumping on the Eller bandwagon.

If Eller would have been on the PP for the full 2 minutes, we would have scored a goal and the game would have gone to OT.

I am also realizing that Eller just needs more ice time. If we double his ice time to say somewhere around 28-30 minutes per game, his output will double as well. This team needs those extra 6 goals down the stretch and in the playoffs.

I'm all in for Eller. 25 minutes + per night and full power play use and I am going to book us as Cup winner this season.

I wondered what was keeping us from being a top team in the NHL. My eyes have been opened.

Go Eller Go!!!!!!!
Haha you mads bro?

Your post makes me laugh so much but not because it's funny... its just pathetic.

Never seen anyone get so mad about a fanbase appreciating a player.

I think its time you realize Eller is starting to be a better player than your beloved David Desharnais but why so mad though.. they both play for the Habs.

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