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Originally Posted by Everest View Post
Its really hard to envision a short term improvement if we decide to move on without Gagner...but...

I think it might be worth the half-step backwards, if we opt out on a long term commitment to him and look elsewhere to find a more suitable 2nd line centre. We might not find a perfect fit right away. I realize this.

Bottom line is...I think we've seen what we look like WITH Gagner.

Do we like it?
I agree and

Short answer: no

Long answer: **** no

Okay I'll digress slightly...

What you see is what you get with Gags. And I'm still not sold on him given its the back half of a shortened season (where he typically has excelled)... he is no Doug Gilmour, he is no Marc Savard, he is no Krejci, no Doug Weight, definitely no MSL. The foot speed and playmaking isn't there. He's just an all around average, heart and soul moderately skilled smurf of a centre.

While he does have heart and is a guy you want I cheer for, do we really want to see over 20 million (including after RNH's next contract which will be no less than 5 per, bet your boots) invested in what is ultimately a disappointing, albeit developing non playoff core of players? Eberle's is not a value deal. Hall will end up being fairly paid if he stays healthy... Yak is a wildcard... they simply have too many of the same player and I absolutely think the team needs to make hard decisions in either drafting or trading for a bigger, or at least more physical second line C for the future.

Either that or flank Gags with Clowe and Lucic, and that ain't likely...

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