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04-10-2013, 04:16 PM
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Originally Posted by Everlasting View Post
A budget does not effect the quality of writing, your argument is bad. They could easily have explored this alot further by dividing this into two episodes, were we follow sam through hell as he learns, see and discover other intresting stuff for atleast 30 min of screen time. This would have made the episode(s) better, by far more intresting and we would have had less fillers. They also had some potential to continue on the storyline with their dad here, which would have been super.

Supernatural has a good budget, thats why there is 8 seasons, and will be a 9th. The budget has become worse tho, and that is becuse of the writing. The writing has been really poor the last couple of seasons, which is why the show gets less views. It's very simple. This season is a good example of why.
The episodes has no consistency, and follows a bad pattern that goes like; Main story, filler, filler, filler, main story, filler, filler and main story etc. That is not a good formula, even if the fillers are fun sometimes.

When i wrote that they should do it like Joss Whedon did with Buffy after season 3, I mean that they should write the show in a way that fillers almost completly dissepears from the show, by making each and every episode add in some kind of way. Supernatural still has A LOT of potential to explore, the writers should with no problems be able to write an entire season with no "fillers". Even i can imagine and come up with several ideas and storylines that could last through 20 episodes.
first of all...thank you. I have been saying that exact same point about supernatural for a long time, and have been met with a lot of resistance in that. Joss Whedon really set the standard for these types of shows, and Supernatural could have done worse then emulating him.

also the father? How so? He went back to heaven in All Hell Breaks loose.

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