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Originally Posted by Chokingdogs View Post
Question for the technophiles/computer media savvy peeps.....

I'm trying to find the easiest, cleanest, relatively inexpensive-ist....way to X-fer shows from my cable box's DVR, to a computer, so I can burn them to DVDs.

**** disclaimer ****

this is in NO WAY a means to attempt to circumvent any copywrite laws, or for me to bootleg any material for sale/profit. this is nothing for than an attempt at a digital age betamaxing of shows i like for my personal viewing pleasure later on.

i have a scumcast SciAtl 8300 HD box, it has 2 six pin firewire ports ( both "appear" to be dead/inactive ) as well as a SATA port for hooking up an external HD to increase the capacity.

near as i can tell, i CAN hook up an external HD ( up to 1 TB and a western digital specific model ), and it will store video. the rub is, the box formats the drive, so if i try to hook the drive to my computer, whatever is on there wont be readable due to the different format style.

i hooked up my mini-dv camcorder to the firewire ports, but nothing was output, so that was a dead end. ideally i'd like to record to my camcorder, then use its digital out to the computer for storage/DVD burning.

is there any kind of a video/audio capture device/thingy that i can hook up to say the component or S-video out that in turn has a mini 4 pin firewire out?

or, is there a way to use an external HD but have the format be compatible with a computer?

i've gotten desperate at this point, and broke out my 10 year old S-vhs to start recording things off the box's internal HD.
Easiest way: Get your self a DVD Recorder like this one. Its just a DVD player that also records onto DVD-R or DVD-RW discs. It records whatever you send to it, so you output from your cable box to the DVD player and (after a format) press record and whatever you are watching gets burned directly to the blank -R or -RW disc. Cost about $100, lots of models to choose from, but its a one step process. You can record from live shows or from DVR'd shows, it doesn't care, whatever your cable box is outputting, you can record. You will probably need to output from the cable box using HDMI or even Component and AV cables, not the Firewire.

You could get more expensive ones that save to an internal HD and record in HD, but you said you wanted a cheaper solution.

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