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04-10-2013, 05:36 PM
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On a more serious note, all of my suits I own are the same brand (Alfani Red) and the same size. I decided to get a different brand this week and picked up a Tommy Hilfiger online rather than in the store, the same size thinking this would be ok. Now, the jacket fits perfectly and the same as the Alfani jackets. But the pants are ridiculously small. I know nothing of clothes, but aren't the measurements/sizes for pants based on inches? So if the waist is 34 then shouldn't the waist be 34 inches? If the waist is 30 inches shouldn't the waist be 30 inches? If the length is 32 inches shouldn't the pants be 32 inches long? How could two pairs of pants the same size be two different sizes??? This is driving me insane!

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