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Originally Posted by SpeedDemon View Post
8 games to go. let's do some analysis

assuming 500 record by the Rags, Devs, Jets, Sabres and Flyers
Isles would need 53 points to clinch at least 7th spot.


-Bruins surpass Isles in every aspect. A single point would take miracle let alone 2.
-Rags are better than the isles talent-wise (on paper at least). Playing a full 60 minutes is a must.
-Hurricanes have been an unfavorable opponent. Do not underestimate the team or the 0-2 record will become 0-3.

good showings against remaining teams.

maximum number of projected wins - 5

- only losing record is to the panthers. Leafs and devils have a chance at beating them.

maximum number of projected wins- 5

-depends on how soon kovy gets back and if Brouduer can retain his peak form down the stretch. Northeast teams always to be tough opponents.
maximum number of projected wins- 5

- every game is a must and there is no margin for error especially in the net.
maximum number of project wins- 5. not enough if above results hold true

- fewest games to go. Half against division rivals. need to win all to have a realistic shot. Maximum Projected wins- 5.

Points are in large demand but short supply given the teams they're playing. Maximum number of projected wins- 4

final assessment
- win against the teams behind you. .
Rest Nabby for the game against the Rags (i.e. play Poulin against Boston). Don't skip up against the Hurricanes again.

Games vs Rags and Canes may very well be the deciding factor. Get 3 out of 4 and you very well be in. Fail to get any and you might very well fall short
I'll make this part easy for you...Nabby won't be resting for the remainder of the season UNLESS the last game of the season we can't improve or lose our playoff position....He's played all but what5-6 games this year? At the most important part of the year he's on the bench? No way, I'd go out on a limb and say the reason we are 7-1-1 over the last 9 games has more to do with Nabby then any other 1 person on the team. Ride him til he bucks now

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