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Originally Posted by garret9 View Post
A lot of Kane's primary assists come from rebounds and people getting stuff like Wellwood did last game. So, it isn't the greatest measurement for tha6t. Currently there really isn't6.

He honestly isn't as bad as some people point out, or as good as his assists make it look to be. He is in the middle. Not a hindrance and not a playmaker. He has his role and with the right guys it works.

The fact is Jokinen do not work, and being both shoot first guys isn't it.
Wheeler shoots and carries the puck just as much (if not more) than Jokinen and he's worked fine with Kane and Ladd. Just some guys don't work well together.

Jokinen HAS historically had good statistical chemistry with some players: Wheeler, Wellwood, Peluso
Kane HAS historically had good statistical chemistry with some players: Antropov, Burmistrov, Wheeler
Just there is none together... and neither with Miettinen...

To note: Kane is also one of the top PP producers 3 seasons in a row for this team, usually putting up respectable production per minute. I think the idea that he's only a good 5v5 player is false. He, like Jokinen, just has to be used right when on the PP (combo of coaching and himself).

Friggin TNSE should hire me haha
Can't bold from my phone(have edited since) but the point about him not being as bad and not being great is what I'm trying to say. I don't think he's the third best playmaker on the team as A/60 would make it seem, but I do't think the two are mutually exclusive to the point that you could achieve that while being "terrible". Pp production would further this.

Anyways taking a shot on net is a play. if it results in a goal (by anyone on your team) then IMO ut was the right play.

Essentially if he has this production with"terrible hockey iq" he'd probably be better then crosby if he had even an above average one.

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