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08-27-2006, 03:04 PM
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In my opinion

Kostytsin will play a full year in hamilton with Grabovsky and will see some ice time when injury came unless he shows amazing skill in camp and bump out Perezhogin (doubt it). Both Grabovsky & Kostytsin will be ready next year

Latendresse could play a couple of games with the pros just to give him a taste of what is like playing with mens and he'll be sent back probably in junior where he will have to blow the league away (mature a bit) and be ready for next year

Chipchura will spend the year with hamilton and be ready to play next year or in two

Lapierre or Ferland will make the team this year and will make a rotation on the fourth line and will be mostly (sadly) benchwarmers in the beginning of the season and dependably how it turns out, will graduate fully on the fourth line if a trade happens and one of Bonk or Murray is traded away (if Lapierre or Ferland show more skill/value to the organization (ie QUebecer)) or they will be traded in a package deal!

What left for this year
Begin-Bonk-Murray/Downey Hopefuly (Lapierre-Begin-Ferland)

All this if Koivu's OK and if Ribeiro don't suck big time

Next year's:

which means Ryder, Bonk, Murray & Ribeiro could be, IMO, traded this year in return of better defense (but Ribeiro & Bonk won't have another contract with the habs if they suck again this year)(I also don't know about Murray's contract situation)!

En résumé
either Ferland or Lapierre (sadly) will make the team this year and there's is more probability (if he shows more speed) that Ferland will warm the hab's bench since he has to go trough waivers if he's recall (then again, depending on what's market value vs is organization value), Bob could let him stay with Hamilton and be ready for next year!

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