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04-10-2013, 08:01 PM
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Originally Posted by I am the Liquor View Post
Perhap's goalie B's team is taking more chances offensively in an effort to get back into the game, leading to more odd man rushes, breakaways, and higher quality scoring chances against than goalie A would be?
Sure, there's that. My scenario doesn't exist in a vacuum, I admit that. But I can't christen Dubnyk as a bonafide number one until I see him on a contender. That's not so much a critique of his current play, as much a caveat for future performance. The jury's still out on Dubnyk, IMO.

Originally Posted by Insta View Post
Clutch situations? Every Oilers game is a clutch situation cause they so rarely outplay anyone. How about this one: among starting goalies only Craig Anderson has a better sv% while on the penalty kill than Dubnyk, and he has been injured for too long to even fairly count his. Or is the penalty kill not a pressure situation either? On the PK he has .912 sv%, better than a number of solid starters' overall sv%.
Our PKers are a known team strength. Dubnyk is a part of that. I can credit him there. You're right.

Originally Posted by nabob View Post
Teams who are trailing generally take more chances and give up more odd man rushes and scoring chances against. They active their defense more and more often have a forward back covering on rushes up ice against. Teams that are leading generally lock it down playing a trapping style and collapsing around the goalie, forcing the trailing team to take more shots from the perimeter and they also do not pinch or take risks to give up odd man rushes against. Shame on you for using the biggest troll in HF history as the basis of your argument.
No, I think I made my argument quite clear. We are usually vastly outshot yet are usually very close in scoring chances. Dubnyk faces easier shots when we are behind.
Just because he enjoyed yanking everyone's chain, doesn't mean he wasn't an astute hockey observer.

Originally Posted by actionjackson View Post
Pretty sure some people are saying the exact words "get rid of Dubnyk"...Others are saying this guy is not worthy of being a starter...and others present the arguement that we need a solid back-up...

Only one of those groups lives in reality!!!
Time may prove that second group to be correct. We'll hopefully see how well he does when actually pushed for the starter's job next year. Giving him starter's money and then asking him to earn it, without even pretending to have him compete for the job, seems so very backwards to me.

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