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04-10-2013, 08:16 PM
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Mostly like Sherman and his moves.

Still boggles my mind to think that he signed off on this whole defense situation though.
Like he actually looked at this on paper and said, "Yes, yes this will be the new Avs."

Also, I do think he's gone for far more flash than substance with some choices as well. McGinn and Jones have been well liked for the most part (not Jones this year) but I see that they don't have the mental speed to keep up with what is going on, usually ending up with a hit 100ft away from the play. Downie has been this way as well, but I think he's all around a much better player than the other two.

Same thing with the D. Lots of shot blocking and lots of guys that can hit. But give them a puck on their stick and it's like they forgot how to hockey.

Too much speed, strength and pizazz IMO with this team. Useful attributes for your players to have but only when they can utilize it properly and efficiently at the NHL level.

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