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04-10-2013, 08:28 PM
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Originally Posted by Psycho Dad View Post
Sure, there's that. My scenario doesn't exist in a vacuum, I admit that. But I can't christen Dubnyk as a bonafide number one until I see him on a contender. That's not so much a critique of his current play, as much a caveat for future performance. The jury's still out on Dubnyk, IMO.

Our PKers are a known team strength. Dubnyk is a part of that. I can credit him there. You're right.

No, I think I made my argument quite clear. We are usually vastly outshot yet are usually very close in scoring chances. Dubnyk faces easier shots when we are behind.
Just because he enjoyed yanking everyone's chain, doesn't mean he wasn't an astute hockey observer.

Time may prove that second group to be correct. We'll hopefully see how well he does when actually pushed for the starter's job next year. Giving him starter's money and then asking him to earn it, without even pretending to have him compete for the job, seems so very backwards to me.

The jury is still out for me too...I am supportive, but I have not said Dubnyk is the be all end all...I am also open to bringing someone else in...the one place I believe that you hit the nail on the head was giving him starter's money before he had actually earned it...though this may end up as a shrewd more if he progesses next year and the year after...

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