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Originally Posted by Orange View Post
A 800 000$ plugger is just that, a plugger. It doesn't make the team any better. If you clear the salary, sure there's potential for improvement, but what and how ? It's not like dumping salary is a magic wand kfor better performance. Maybe you'll get better performance for the buck, but if the overall net performance of the team declines, you're at a loss. Determining what a player should do for a team depending on his salary is always a one dimentional view. And it's easy to be blind to the whole picture.
I'm sorry, but I don't see a "whole" picture when I look at Bonk. What I see is: a plugger. A plugger who's payed at the rate of a second line center. Replacing Bonk with another plugger will do exactly that: clear salary. You want to tell me there is no other "defensively responsible", washed up, over the hill, 20ish points a season center to be had in the league for under 1 mil?

I have no fantasy about dumping Bonk's salary: it will never happen. A player like Bonk is undumpable. The initial poster asked why we hated Bonk. I don't "hate" Bonk. He bugs me. He bugs me like a 2.4 million splat on your windshield. Its the signing of Bonk that was the mistake. I have nothing against Radek Bonk, its his contract that makes everyone try to justify his "hidden" abilities.

Would you pay Downey 2.4 mil a year to show up on the 4th line? Oh, yeah, that would be a mistake. That would be a mistake because we would be overpaying by 1.6 mil+. When you overpay for an underachieving asset you affect your whole team. Its 1.6 million that cannot go into other contracts, cap space on a trade or a richer UFA.

Paying 4th line pluggers a 2nd liner salary is shooting yourself in the foot. It gives you less space to work with. To me, that's an even bigger picture than keeping the services of a slacking 4th line boy wonder.

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