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04-10-2013, 09:45 PM
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Grabovski's Attitude

Firstly, gonna start off by saying that Grabo is my favourite player on the Leafs. Absolutely love the guy, and I'm not happy with Carlyle's treatment of him this year. That being said, he could be producing a tad more.

We all know the Toronto media is one of the craziest around: always hunting for a quote to kill a team's morale or damage player's relationships with each other. Apparently there's no break, as night after night, especially after losses, Grabovski is hounded by reporters who ask, if you ask me, rude questions.

Grabovski's responses to these questions, however, have been phenomenal. You can tell how mature he has become.

The following quotes are from after tonights 3-2 SO loss against the Rags:

Mark Masters ‏@markhmasters 7m
Was Grabovski surprised to be picked to shoot? 'Not really. I don't know. Were you surprised?'

Mark Masters ‏@markhmasters 8m
Asked Grabovski if he's frustrated: 'See my smile? I'm not frustrated at all.'

Mark Masters ‏@markhmasters 9m
Grabovski on starting game with Orr-McLaren: 'I feel good. For me it doesn't matter who I play with ... I'm on the ice I'm happy.'

Jonas Siegel ‏@jonasTSN1050 12m
Sense I get from Grabovski: Even if frustrated he has no interest in becoming distraction. Plans to soldier on.

All that stuff about Carlyle the great communicator? Not with Grabo:

Mark Masters ‏@markhmasters 19m
Asked Grabovski if Carlyle has clearly communicated what he must do better; says he talks mainly with Cronin

David Alter ‏@DavidAlter590 21m
Grabovski when asked if there has been communication from Carlyle on what he needs to improve on: Not really, I usually talk to 2nd coach.


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