Thread: Post-Game Talk: Oilers lose 3-1
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04-11-2013, 12:15 AM
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its so frustrating to see hall and yak to be the only ones mixing it up at all. When this team is attacking your young guys, the team is supposed to attack back, not sit back and look for the smallest guy to hold while the other team goes after our stars.

This team needs to be way different next year.

If i have to watch smyth one more ****ing year i'll lose it. He needs to be replaced with a real third liner, not an ex first liner whos too old and slow to play a scoring role so they assume he can do something else.

We need people who aren't afraid to hit back, and get dirty. Hall and yak are a good start, but they are kids, you need veterans, people who have their back and make them feel confident. I'm not talking guys brown or hordi who get 2 minutes of ice time and the only people they fight are the other teams tough guys, i'm talking about guys like the entire western conference but us seem to have. The guys who will punish you physically for no reason, and then when you do piss them off, they come even harder.

This team is so frustrating. I know its looking like we've improved based on the standings.. but this season is really only half a season. There would be plenty of time to get back into the basement if this were the full thing.

Until this team does something that shows some improvement and desire to win like BACKING UP OUR KIDS WITH CAPABLE VETS then **** them.

We are a team full of veterans that have no idea how to lead, and kids that aren't ready to take a whole team on their shoulders.

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