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Originally Posted by jfb392 View Post
A bit out there, but two UFAs to look at are Joacim Eriksson and Bud Holloway, teammates with Skellefteå (currently in the Elitserien final vs. Luleå).

Eriksson is a goalie and a former Flyers draft pick (they chose not to sign him for some reason even though he was their top prospect according to many, but they suck with goalies).
He's performed very well in the Elitserien and has led his team to three consecutive final appearances (hasn't won just yet).
He's probably just about ready to step into the NHL at the age of 23 and is reportedly looking to come to the NHL.
It'd be a two year ELC.

Holloway is a former Kings draft pick and actually currently a Group IV free agent (defected restricted free agent), but is scheduled to become a Group VI (unrestricted free agent at the age of 25 due to lack of NHL games played).
He was working his way towards becoming an NHL'er in the AHL before leaving the Kings organization in the summer of 2011.
The Kings felt he was ready for the NHL, but never gave him his shot.
He's lit it up in the Elitserien since, finishing fifth and first in scoring in his two seasons and missed breaking the Elitserien record for points set by Håkan Loob thirty years ago by only five points.

With the potential there is for roster turnover this summer, adding both of these guys would create competition in addition to still having some decent upside.
If they were to just clean out the crease completely, Eriksson would create competition for Hackett.
Both Eriksson and Hackett would be waiver exempt, so a veteran could be brought in and whichever of the two young goalies loses the battle would be in Rochester.
With Pominville gone, our RW's will be Armia, Flynn, Kaleta, and Stafford.
Holloway would create competition for Armia in particular.
He would not be waiver exempt, but would be a nice minor league scorer and depth option if he lost out on a spot.
Pegula bucks and the new waiver rules could be used to counter his waiver status (load up the minor league salary or just make it a one-way).
And do you just find these fucquers via stats? Or do you see highlights of games?

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