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04-11-2013, 01:13 AM
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Originally Posted by disfigured View Post
Every coach and system has a shelf-life, and potential mismatch if the roster changes. Especially if the coach can't adjust . Pat Burns got ****-canned the year after he won the cup. Many coaches don't make it more than 2 years after winning a SC. Sticking with Lindy Ruff for 15 years got the Sabres what? Squat.

It happens. If we don't got go deep with this roster (with a healthy Bergeron back), I don't see any other cause than a coach who's lost the room.

Whether or not anything can be done about it due to his contract I have no idea I don't follow that stuff, I just watch hockey.

I didn't.

I also didn't see TT standing on his head and giving an historical performance the likes of that haven't been seen in years. Setting multiple P.O records.

That team was a mess because they had no talent (relatively speaking), and relied a lot on Claude's system. A thing of beauty , a perfect storm, a well oiled machine. But Claude's got the pieces now (or more of them anyway), and despite that, the team looks worse IMO. That's troubling.

Not good in my book, more talent, goaltending that's the envy of the league, and they still look like they're apprehensive and attempting to hold on to leads when the don't have to be that team. Yeah we're winning, against who though? The Canes, they're an atrocity and they almost made fools of us. The Devil's, they're two points out of a playoff berth, and they almost squeaked one out on us, after we had a 3 goal lead.

It was all smiles and highfives after weathering some questionable calls and watching the PK shine as usual. By the end of the game it was heads hung low and crushed souls. That's not just a temporary funk, to me it's a mismatch in system vs. roster.

They get it turned around and go deep, all is forgiven. Till then I'm worried.
This line needs to be quoted more because that's exactly how I feel.

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