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04-11-2013, 02:17 AM
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Originally Posted by Sharpshooter1 View Post
So money doesn't affect a show's writing?? Wow.

So, we should expect one writer receiving minimum wage to turn out the next literary masterpiece on a low budget show?

Your argument is inane.

Supernatural has always been about supplementing the main story arc with stand alone episodes. Have you just recently begun watching the show or something?

Again, there's plenty of things I agree with when it comes to what story lines are available...but availability doesn't always necessarily translate into doability. There are always real life restriction on what a show with its per episode budget like the one Supernatural currently has, on a network like CW, can and cannot realistically do, or afford.

Money doesn't grow on trees.
And its an idea that does not work very well.

in the case of this episode, they could have dropped one of the pointless filler episodes that are bound to follow and actually made this a two part episode. It seems to me that task number two when it involved bringing bobby back is pretty important. They definitely could have spent more time on it.

when there is a main story line like the end of the mother ****ing world, it seems rather dumb to have the two brothers working normal cases, when the end of the world is staring them in the face. this season has been a lot better, but it still is something that has happened all the time with this show.

Case in point, Season four. Its been awhile since I watched this so bear with me, but Lilith had to break 66 seals right? How many were actually on the show? 2? The ghosts(witnesses) and Samhein. Doesn't see to make any sense. Season five...Lucifer rises...uh ok. Lets just act like he hasn't until the final five episodes, but mention it all along the way and proceed to say...well...we cant do anything about it...except have the odd episode where your being told to say yes to Michael and Lucifer so you can duke it out gangnam style. Season 6...not gonna lie...i don't really remember what this one was about. something to do with Sam not having a soul...and the Campbells and Alpha's and the mother of all monsters, I seem to remember that there was a giant civil war going on too between Castiel and Raphael...but that was kind of ignored too. They found a couple of angelic weapons, one I believe...and that was that.

Season 7 was Leviathan. This was the most ridiculous season for this...what are we going to do about the Leviathan today? Well...Bobby hasn't gotten back to us with how to kill them and we haven't heard back from that Tech nothing. On with the show.

You see what I'm saying? I get that this show is a fantasy...but the way its been written, it is unbelievable at the same time.

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