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04-11-2013, 03:32 AM
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Originally Posted by FuzzyWuzzy View Post
Thats really the defining point of the Eller/DD debate; Eller is much more polyvalent. Like a lot of people, i think there'll be no choice but to move DD to the right wing in the near future.
I agree that Eller is getting better and is continuing to improve.
If the choice is between Eller and DD, then I would choose the former.
This does not mean to get rid of DD.
For now DD is a know player in the league and Eller's star is rising.

Decisions have to be taken and I trust MT to handle this properly.
In recent games, Eller had more PP time.
We need to wait and see how things are going to unfold.
For all we know there is a good chance that Eller will even improve next season.
But DD could very well come back with a 70 points season next season.

For now, he is a very good center, a clear top-9 in any team in the league and a top-6 in 80% of the teams.

To resume, I agree that Eller is ahead of DD in progression. Still think DD is 5th in our forwards despite having a very bad performance in PP.
The best PP unit would be Plek-Ryder-MaxPac followed by Eller-DD-Gionta/Bourque.

We must remember that DD has been playing with Gallagher.
He was great with two big players: Cole and MaxPac.
Put DD with two of Eller-MaxPac-Bourque-Galchenyuk-Ryder or even Prust.

MT has no Crosby nor Malkin available so he is trying to build stable units with chemistry.
He is already giving warnings to DD about his performance.
So we should expect two things from him:
  1. change the recipe;
  2. give DD more size on the wings.

One thing for sure, I would hate to see DD being traded and score more than 60 points elsewhere.

We did invest a lot in DD and we had very good rewards.
Not sure this is the time to give up.
Especially after a few weeks where his performance is below expectations.

We also have to look at Scap in this.
In term of points, I see Ryder, Plek, MaxPac, Gionta (same as DD) having more (or same) points as DD. Only MaxPac is younger at twice the cost.

For now, we have one season of DD of 60 points at 870K.
This season is a pace of 46 points at the same price.
Worst case, DD provides us with 40-50 points at 3.5m.

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