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04-11-2013, 04:23 AM
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Originally Posted by andersej View Post
Looks like it's going to be Denmark vs Norway for the promotion. It's like deja vu all over again.
Wait for Denmark to dominate Norway and still loose... Like always..

I just KNOW it'l happen again....

Too add to that:

I don't what it is with Norway, their team is not all that impressive, but they always seem to impress.
I don't know if Norway are MEGA effective or we are ineffective.

Denmark-Belarus - We win 3-2 in OT we fire off 37 SOG.

Norway-Belarus - Game not done, Norway up 5-2 with only 28 SOG.

Denmark-Slovenia - 3-0 Denmark we fire off 57 SOG!!!!!

Norway-Slovenia - 7-3 Norway win they fire off 43 SOG.

Only game where we were just a little effective was our 5-1 win over france where we got off 40 SOG.

Norway also beat France, but 3-2 and got off for once more shots than us with 45SOG.

Norway also beat Italy 12-1 letting of 44SOG.

I am really almost certain that it's be between us and Norway, and that we might have control all game, but they will end up winning it..
Is the Norway team full of snipers? Or are we Idiots at shootingthe puck

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