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04-11-2013, 05:48 AM
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Originally Posted by TheHudlinator View Post
I believe you mean the season we got Jbo. We were first in the NW until an epic 9 game losing streak that resulted in trading Dion. As the rumor goes, Dion had started to become quiet the partyer and got a little friendly with one of the flames players wives (I believe the rumor was Conroy's). It all ended apparently with Dion and Regehr in a shouting match and Iginla telling Sutter it was Dion or him. Don't ask for sources it has been years doubt I can find any but that is one of the rumors I heard.
there were too many rumors about that, none of which are likely true.

But I think he means the first year Roman Turek was a Flame in 2001-02. The Flames started the year 13-4-4 (Turek started 12-2-4), by January 31st they were already .500 and then ended up finishing 3 games under .500 and out o the playoffs.

It was a classic case of a young team riding an amazingly hot goaltender to an incredible start. It made everyone think the team was better than they were and the coach wasn't complete garbage (which Greg Gilbert was) That team was pretty young and had alot of up and coming players in their early 20s. Regehr was 21, Morris & Lydman were 23, Iginla & Savard were 24. 12 of the regulars on the team were 25 and under.

Then over the next 12 months Button really ****ed the Flames franchise. He traded away Morris, MacAmmond & Shantz for Drury & Yelle (Flames would have been much better off keeping Morris & McAmmond and finding a way to pick up Yelle in a lesser deal), then he traded away Marc Savard for some Russian who played as well as I can spell his name without help.

It's kind of funny when you look at it but the moment Darryl Sutter was hired as coach the trades started getting better and more frequent (makes you wonder if Button was really done but was kept on until the season was finished). In the first 3 months with Darryl as coach the Flames dumped dead weight in Rob Niedermayer & Jamie Wright while adding Ference, Commodore, McAmmond (again) & Donovan.

And can you imagine how good that 2003-04 team would have been if they would have still had Derek Morris & Marc Savard?

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