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04-11-2013, 05:56 AM
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Originally Posted by LBS8844 View Post
We might consider the following. No rule exists saying one goaltender or the other must be anointed the starter for the playoffs. In years past, it worked out that Quenneville needed to designate a starter and lean on him throughout the playoffs (Huet was not an option come playoff time in 2010; Crawford was significantly better than Turco in 2011 and had an edge over Emery last year)...not the case this season. The reality is that the Blackhawks have the luxury of two very good goaltenders playing behind an outstanding defensive team with a rigorous and unfailing "defense-first" credo. Attuned to the minute and paid to be the very best judge of his personnel, trust Q to play the best keeper on any given day, which may well mean that Crow and Razer share the playoff load in favor of team success.
That's a nice theory, won't work but nice.

Find me the team that won the Cup while switching goalies in and out during the playoffs? You won't.

You can maybe switch once if a guy isn't playing well but constantly going back and forth leads to the team not being able to just go out and play and is too worried about who is in net. You find the right guy and go.

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