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04-11-2013, 06:23 AM
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Originally Posted by Garian Maborik View Post
Travesty of epic proportions? I call their performance business as usual. In the first half we couldn't get possession or get the puck on the net, which has mostly been the story this year. It takes being down a goal for the team to wake up in most cases. They haven't managed to fix that mentality no matter what they do this season. Do you remember many games this season where the Rangers push hard in the first period and manage to score a goal?

I love hockey and I love the Rangers. I find watching their games very exciting. I just have realistic expectations for the team.
I like how you comment on the line that was exaggerated for effect but don't comment on the fact that you clearly have 2 standards for the Leafs and Rangers. Ok without any exaggerated lines for you to grab on to. Rangers play poorly in the first half and you complain. Leafs play poorly in the second half and you praise them. That's despite us getting 2 points and them getting 1. Sounds like you have an agenda.

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