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04-11-2013, 07:30 AM
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Originally Posted by Chimp View Post
Let's put it this way, after watching this team for so many years, I've stopped sacrificing sleep to watch them play on weekdays. It's more of a shore or out of duty I watch them, than to be entertained. I think you're both spot on in your analysis and yes, I'm sick of Torts and his non-working system. It feels like a system that gets the least out of every player.
I share your feelings to a extent.

Its just something Slats is very far from being on top of. Coaches get utdated, but you need a GM who got a ear to the ground.

What bugs me the most nowadays is that its not that we are like pointing fingers at 2-3 teams like I felt we were doing after the lockout. Look what works for Detroit. Now its like all teams have catched on. Teams are N-S. Teams are hardworking. Teams get people on the net. Teams puts puck on the net. Sure, all that is basic and we do it too. But basically all succesful teams in this league has obviously spent alot of energy of working on finding ways to keep the puck within the team. Like divede all 30 teams into six groups in terms of how we play. We aren't even remotely doing what the 4 other teams in our group are doing in this regard. That is painful. We are doing a ton of things right, but in this big sector we are stuck in 2003.

This year, I've not seen one team that wins a defensive battle after a long shift and then just have one thing on their mind and that is getting the puck over the redline and deep so that you can change lines. We do that 15 times per game. A Toronto or Boston or Buffalo or NJ or Ottawa or Montreal or Philly or any team I've seen will do it 2-3 times per game, and every other time reverse and take "chances" to keep the puck within the team.

For us its the opposite, 2-3 times per game someone like Richards maybe will make a individual decision that its not worth it to give the puck away and instead reverse and pass the puck back to a D and go for a linechange.

And that's just one play. Its so extremely obvious that we have put zero focus on managing the puck to win more momentum. A team like Ottawa with very little top end skill on it, just got a dimension to their game -- with how they pass the puck and keep it within the team -- that we only could dream of. It really shows on the PP when we all of a sudden have to start thinking in new lanes and keep the puck within the team, but also in other areas. We have a core group of players that hasn't been drilled in these areas for 3 years now.

You could definitely look at our roster and find flaws. But that could certainly be said about all -- and I mean all -- teams playing in the East. Pittsburg without Crosby, Letang, Marting and Neal or whatever combination of players are hardly perfect. Boston has their fair share of problems, while maybe being the most complete everything taken into consideration. After Bos and Pitt, are Tortonto complete? Montreal? Philly? Ottawa without Spezza and Karlsson? Tampa? lol. My point is just, we really should not be pwned on a regular basis by these teams, or only win when Hank comes up really big etc. Its just ridiculous.

We have a roster to contend but our coach has just not done as good job as the other coaches.

And no fan at this board is claiming to be a better "coach" than Tortorella. But a "fan" can look around the league and see what, more or less, 29 other coaches are doing and look on the ice when we are playing and ask themselves if our coach is on to something no other coach is or if its the opposite.

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