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04-11-2013, 07:21 AM
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Originally Posted by schabadoo View Post
In a chaotic strike-shortened season, in a league that regularly has poor-playing low seeds advancing deep into the playoffs, with a team that added five players in the last two weeks, you know what's realistic to expect?
Now hold on there Charlie, you just contradicted yourself.

In no way will a low seed playing poor hockey "advance deep" in to the playoffs. What you meant to say was, "low seeds who WERE playing poorly." That is exactly the reason people continue to criticize this team, especially after last post-season. You don't get to the SCF by scraping by and playing mediocre hockey. Eventually a better team who is playing hot will bury you. Which was exactly the case last year in the ECF.

The only game where you should not critcize your team afterwards, no matter how good they play, is the one where your captain is handed the Cup. There is always room for improvement otherwise and just being "satisfied" and "enjoying" a win without talking about what could be better is a crappy attitude that breeds mediocrity. Do you think the Rangers sit around after an okay game and say, "good enough for me!" just because they got two points? **** no they don't. That's why they are professional athletes. They've spent their whole lives asking themselves how they can be better. Yet for some reason as a fan we are supposed to just be okay with everything and celebrate because they managed two points. Whoopty-****.

The point of the game is to win the Cup. To do that this team needs to be better and until they are, two points is just a stepping stone in to another deflating and disappointing post-season.

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