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04-11-2013, 08:08 AM
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- Boyle (Treebeard): Now, don't be hasty
- Torts(Gandalf): You fool of a Zucc!
- Some take on my sig(which I'm happy to give up if used)
- Garden mid circle salute: Praise them with great praise!
- Theoden/Callahan: Huge orc army assembled. Cally: "Let them come!"
- Hags and Zucc next to Boyle: "It's talking, Merry: The tree is talking!"
- Torts with Avery: "Leave now and never come back!"
- The Console centre: Someone says: "There is evil there that does not sleep"
- Torts/Gandalf: "Let the boardbearer decide". Sully (with board): "We shall dump to the corner". Torts: "So be it".
-Torts/Elrond: "Six Goalies. So be it. You shall be the fellowship of the rink"

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