Thread: Speculation: Who should the Flyers amnesty?
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04-11-2013, 08:11 AM
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Originally Posted by captainpaxil View Post
i honestly doubt theyll amnesty anyone this year. briere is finally hittng the sweet part of his deal and bryz was paid that much so he would be here long term. as for predicting the capocalypse 2014 it will most likely be going up a decnt amount. weve all been assuming those contracts would be reflecting good years on solid playoff teams and frankly thats not who these players are. read is a nice 2nd line guy and as a ufa hell get paid but hes a player im not afraid to lose. schenn has been sucktastic and if hes unwilling to come in at less than 3 ill take the picks. cooter is still very young and i dont see why hed be ovarly costly. everyone knows giroux is gonna cost but i doubt someone offers him a max contract.

basicly i think we are waiting on amnesty til somebody shows us theyre actually better than the players we have
One possibility of trading Brière (leaving his NMC aside for the moment) is that a cap-floor team may crave him for not only his playing ability and diminutive good looks, but that they pay out less than half of his cap hit for 2 seasons. If Brière gets bought out, interested teams would have to negotiate a new deal for him, which would typically mean real dollar = cap dollar, or close to it.

Of course, as I've posted previously, the allure of Brière is probably limited to cap-floor teams, and these are the least likely preferred options for him.

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