Thread: Speculation: Who should the Flyers amnesty?
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04-11-2013, 08:23 AM
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Originally Posted by GoneFullHolmgren View Post
its not just this year that Coburn has struggled with consistency. Hes had issues with that the past several seasons. When hes on he is very good. There is no doubt about it. Problem and I think many would agree with me he has not shown enough of it.
Of course you aren't going to get any offense out of Regehr. That isn't his game.
Defensively to me Regehr is better. That is all I am referring to. I don't care about plus/minus. Regehr has been on some rather poor Calgary teams and was on a poor Buffalo team this year before getting dealt.
It is all a moot point anyway. Regehr isn't what this team needs. If they add a defender it will be a PMD.
Idk man. Maybe we are seeing two different things, but Coburn, even when he isn't playing well, is still right around the same level as Regehr when he IS playing well. When Coburn is playing well he is far and away better than Regehr on offense and a pretty fair amount better on defense too. But you'd rather have the guy that is (arguably) better defensively part of the time and never better offensively instead of the guy who is far and away better offensively and (arguably) sometimes only slightly behind Regehr defensively? Unless you are saying that Regehr is that much better defensively 100% of the time, which I would argue with and disagree completely.

Originally Posted by ahthorne View Post
Coburn >> Regher right now. Let's get that out of the way. Regher was awful in Buffalo.

Coby needs to be on a pairing with a dynamic defender or a very solid TWD (Timonen) ... or at least somebody who can move the puck. When Coburn plays a simple game he's lights out solid, but when he is in a role where he needs to be dynamic he struggles. Simple as that.

I would explore trading Briere before amnestying him. There's likely no market for him but I'd explore it. Maybe we keep Briere? I like the guy but his cap is troublesome... Meszaros, however, needs to be moved. No doubt in my mind about that. I wouldn't amnesty him though because it's only one year left. Maybe somebody will take him, or again maybe they keep him. If he can actually get healthy and stay healthy instead of rushing back to play he can be solid (as we've seen).

Bryzgalov seems like the obvious buyout candidate, but only if they have other options. Trade for Bernier? Maybe one of the Blues goaltenders will be on the move? Mason+Elliott would be the ultimate bad goaltending duo. Mason+Emery seems like it would be better, if Emery moves on from Chicago. Maybe they revisit Joacim Eriksson?

At the end of the day, there are other goaltending options that would save some cap space. I'd love to get Eriksson over here, but how likely is that? I guess I can dream...

Signing some adequate depth players might be nice instead of having to resort to Bruno Gervas, Kurtis Foster, Kent Huskins, Mike Knuble, Adam Hall and trading for Gagne and Jay Rosehill. Other than Gagne all those players are really not good at all, and Gagne is nothing close to his former self.
Without even getting into the whole Eriksson debate about signing him, you would pencil him in as a starter??? A guy who never played a minute of North American hockey and plays in probably the lowest scoring league in the world?

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