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04-11-2013, 09:48 AM
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Originally Posted by chewerjones View Post
MC has never been a favourite of Trent Cull since he came there 3 years, and its not because of MC. Coach Cull has to go. No doubt about it. Instead of developing his stars back then, he has waited for them to enter their 3rd year with top end minutes. Thats not the way to develop players and a winning team.

MC fed numerous guys yesterday with golden chances and not one finished it off.

Without MC, Sudbury has no offence. Imagine the other teams playing their top Dmen on the Kubalik Line. No offence at all. Imagine Baptiste and Pancel playing with Harris. No offence at all.

This year MC almost led the team in goals, and he is the playmaker. What does that tell you? Imagine if he played with top end 94s or 95s, wow, he may have had 100pts.

He is always playing against the other team's top dmen. Led team in points, 18 game point scoring streak, and all that with 2 supbar linemates in Baptiste (north, south HOG ) and undersized Pancel. Kid has never asked for a trade even after the way that Cull has treated him over the last 3 years.

Watch Capobianco this year and his agent. If the kid doesnt get serious ice time by late next year, or early next year, he will demand a trade.

Next year, I would get rid of Silk (nice kid, but too many stupid penalties), Derochers, Thibodeau. I would trade for a top 6 goal scorer to play with MC and Baptiste. Trade some young prospects and picks for 1 or 2 veteran stay at home dmen.
I have no idea what game you were watching but Campagna didn't feed anyone with golden chances. If that was the case, why did he finish the game on the 4th line with Thibodeau? In the third, he was in the slot, open for a shot, instead he tries passing to Pancel who had a Belleville player all over him. Campagna has NO hockey sense. There are very good reasons why he didn't get drafted and CULL IS NOT ONE OF THEM. Campagna's has had plenty of ice time to develop. The team traded away Kontos (not that he was any better) so Campagna could get 2nd line center ice time in his second season. Even Campagna admitted in a post game interview he was terrible and not a good leader. You don't build winners with players like this. He might be a good secondary scorer but he's no star.

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