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Originally Posted by winterpeg View Post
Not with that many people. Someday, I WILL be one, (I'm in a band, what's up! ) and I can imagine huge groups of people would be frustrating as all hell, but I also imagine I'd be the kind of guy that would gladly have a beer with a few of them anyday. While it's hard to imagine getting sick of people who admire you so much, I imagine it loses it's lustre after 4 hours of just signing.

If you got to take some time to chat with them, there'd be a lot of interesting people, but I imagine you answer the same questions a lot, say the same things a lot, and never really get anything that interesting from anyone, where as THEY all come away saying "I MET BOGO! " given that there are just so many.
Little off topic, if you guys need a photographer for your band gimme a shout!

I see all your points, I sign MANY documents (sometimes upwards of 200) and my hand/arm starts to hurt after 20.... I can only imagine how it is with people who are starstruck over you.

Besides for the most part I would say our Jets players conduct themselves great in the public. Especially for the **** some of them have to put up with.

Originally Posted by wpglax View Post
He was in the Exchange after Tuesday's game, and signed a buncha stuff; @jetsvoice1290 (Brian Munz) was good enough to have posted on his Twitter that Ladd'd be there, I'd give him a folllow for potential future announcements for players. In the Exchange though, it's very much player based if they come over and sign for 1 person or everyone who's standing there.
Damn, missed... I heard that on the post game show when I was almost home.

Hopefully next time. My plan is to get my jersey signed then frame it (it was one of the first batch of pro jerseys last year with the first year patch and all). Then I'll buy another and either leave it blank or get someone else on it.

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