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04-11-2013, 09:19 AM
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Originally Posted by EchoesoftheEighties View Post
This isn't at you directly but anyone saying this is ridiculous. Anyone blaming the arena project for the U of A budget cuts needs to look at the framework of the arena deal and learn where their money actually goes. The provincial government has repeatedly refused to fund the project and education falls under provincial jurisdiction. None of these cuts have ANYTHING to do with the arena. Unless of course this post was facetious.

As for anyone saying they'd rather potholes and roads be fixed with the money, we all would but unfortunately the return on your investment with roads is pretty bad generating a whopping 0 dollars. Sadly, that is a luxury because you end up dumping that money into essentially making your citizens happier. At least the arena development will create jobs and help the economy a little.

Just my opinion on the matter.
What you say about the U of A is true, i take major major issue with your 2nd statement though. It all goes back to the defining the core function of a municipal government.

Provide core services.
Provide core infrastructure.
Maintain these.
Everything else is secondary. Unfortunately these base services are not flashy or attention getting. Cities should stay out the the 'investment game' as far as projects goes because they get burned very badly at times and the tax payer has to foot the bill.

Our mayor rants about a pet project being needed to revitalize down town to get people to go there while at the same time ignoring the fact the place were people actual spend most of their time is going to hell in a hand basket.

The arena will get built, it will partially revitalize down town (though not nearly as much as rosy projections) hockey fans will be very happy. The team will be very happy and it will be a bad deal for the citizens of Edmonton.

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