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04-11-2013, 09:29 AM
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Originally Posted by LegionOfDoom91 View Post
I know Derek Morris said it last year. I still find it weird that Flyers players go out of their way to always defend him. Giroux got kicked of the air during an interview because he cursed during a rant about how the media treats Bryz unfairly and the host didn't even say anything bad about Bryz during the interview. Is he a bad teammate? Who knows I don't know what goes on behind the scenes and neither does anybody on these boards. On one hand you have a guy like Morris who absolutely blasted Bryz even his playing ability during an interview when he wasn't even playing for them anymore. Now Giroux and them guys might be trying to keep peace and being politically correct. I guess we won't know until he's off the team and someone takes a shot at him like Morris did.

I wish Bryz would just shut his mouth some times too but seriously almost every interview the guy gets asked about the buy-out and it's the usual suspects asking the question every time after a while it gets ridiculous. Bryz needs learn how to handle the media better he's no Pronger but the guys asking the questions know what buttons to push to get him to say something ridiculous.
I agree with a lot of this...there is just a bit too much smoke around Bryz and I also find it curious that the players go out of their way to defend him..usually G and Hartnell make the politically correct endorsements the most. I mean it is no secret that last year the team had a talk with him about being more committed to the team and management put a gag order on him with the press and Bryz eventually complied and in the offseason admitted he learned from his experience and even appreciated and understood the criticism. Then he goes to Russia...plays pretty poorly and the media circus follows him there and he goes into his defense mechanism mode with the press making comments too. Now this year after a good start he tows the company line and then as his play starts reverting to last year's mean of inconsistency he starts acting up again. Really he just needs to play hockey and get back to not playing around with the media the way he does. It creates too much of a distraction. He is no Pronger when it comes to dealing with the media so he should not feed into their attempts at inflating a story more than it should be inflated.

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