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Originally Posted by Kel Varnsen View Post
I don't know why you bother breaking up my post when you always then fail to respond to any of it. You equivocate more than a D average philosophy student.
First of all, you haven't responded to a single point I've made in this post, and you never do. Your general approach is to put words in people's mouths, as you do later in this very post. I've asked one central question repeatedly throughout these posts, and you still haven't made even a cursory attempt to answer it.

Second of all, I broke up your post to illuminate how you fail to make any points. There wasn't anything to respond to, because sentence for sentence, it was full of ****. Please show me one instance of equivocation, which implies ambiguity. There isn't a morsel of ambiguity when it comes to my argument about Sather. Why would I need to be ambiguous? Virtually all of the evidence is on my side! There was absolutely no ambiguity when I laid out for you exactly how success is achieved based on trends in this league, and exactly how Glen Sather has failed to adhere to those trends, and as such, failed to achieve any success. Nothing ambiguous about it. Of course, you didn't respond to that point.

I used luck in a very narrow sense.
Oh, you don't have to explain that to me. I don't remember the last time I ever read anything from you that came across as anything but narrow.

Just that the pens were gifted crosby. That was luck at best, collusion at worst. But lets leave it at luck. You then used luck to define EVERYTHING that EVER went right for us. That's absurd. So stop talking luck. Good late round drafting isn't luck, good scouting isn't luck, being in NY isn't luck. That's good decision making, good personal, and good location, respectively.
No, I didn't. Once again, you're putting words in my mouth. Besides, where did "us" come from? I used luck to show you how many different things have gone right for Glen Sather, despite how many different things during Glen Sather's tenure have gone wrong for "us."

When were we elite? Last ****ing year.
Elite is not one conference finals run. Elite is not going from barely making the playoffs, to the conference finals, to barely making the playoffs again. Last year was notable, but it wasn't elite.

Every fanbase has fans who part with their money to watch their team. That money isn't conditional on the team being elite. Of course they all try, but by definition they all can't succeed. How do you not get that?
No, the money isn't conditional on winning. It's just common decency from the business. You know, since we are providing them money in exchange for entertainment, that they provide entertainment. We have two very different ideas of trying, because I don't consider what the Rangers do to be trying to succeed. The sorts of decisions they routinely make clearly go against the logic that dictates success in this league. Regardless of that point, how do YOU not get that after a certain period of time, no matter how much one tries, if he fails to succeed, then he should be relieved of his duties so that someone else can attempt to succeed? How is that not clear? Plenty of people in business try, and when they fail, someone else tries. Usually, in this business, that timeframe is much shorter than the one that Glen Sather has gotten.

How do you not get that 8 years is a very long time, and that 13 years is even longer still? How do you continue to refuse to answer the one question that is at the basis of my entire argument: how long do we have to wait? How many years does this man get to throw **** against the wall?

I witnessed older Ranger fans during and after the 1994 Cup. Don't recall any of them suddenly relieving themselves of any of the animosity aimed at the people who contributed to a 54 year championship drought just because finally, the drought had ended.

What makes you more important than the huge panthers fan out there? What a ****ing entitlement streak you've got going. We all want to see the Rangers constantly be elite, or at least have a little run there. We're just not all babies about it, thinking that just because we want something it should or it will automatically happen.
What makes you more important than me?

Again, you have attributed claims to me that I never made. Never said that other team's fans don't deserve it. In fact, I made the opposite point. If fans of some teams deserve success, why not our fanbase? Great comparison, by the way, with the Panthers. A team that has changed owners multiple times in their short existence, has been mismanaged for years, and is generally considered one of the worst run franchises in any of the 4 major team sports. A horrible pro sports city in, where no one gives a crap about anything other than football. That's a fair comparison for the Rangers. My cousin lives near Miami. He went to all 4 Panthers playoff home games last year, sat in good seats, and spent less than $150. I can't go to one regular season game and sit in a good seat and spend that amount at MSG.

How am I a baby? Just because you lack appreciation for the difference between world class hockey and house league hockey, and are thus satisfied with anything they give you, doesn't mean that I have to be, or that I am any worse a fan than you. Just because you don't mind throwing money and time away and clapping like a trained seal when they throw fishbones at you doesn't give you the right to belittle me for having perfectly reasonable expectations out of a team. There is absolutely nothing wrong with demanding excellence from a sports team from time to time. This team hasn't given us excellence at any point during Glen Sather's career, and in general, in almost 20 years.

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