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04-11-2013, 10:34 AM
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U18 WJC - Roster discussion

If anyone is interested we could discuss the German roster for the U18 WJC.

The Roster is now official:

GFlorian ProskeJungadler MannheimDNL1996-06-221,83m / 6'00''75kg / 165lbL
GKevin ReichJungadler MannheimDNL1995-10-261,86m / 6'01''90kg / 198lbL
GHannibal WeitzmannStarbulls Rosenheim U18DNL1995-09-251,83m / 6'00''85kg / 187lbL
DTim BenderJungadler MannheimDNL1995-03-191,82m / 6'00''79kg / 174lbL
DJanik MöserJungadler MannheimDNL1995-09-261,81m / 5'11''84kg / 185lbL
DJonas MüllerEisbären JuniorsDNL1995-11-191,81m / 5'11''78kg / 172lbL
DDorian SaeftelJungadler MannheimDNL1995-04-181,90m / 6'03''93kg / 205lbL
DAndreas SchwarzEC Bad TölzOL Süd1995-05-061,82m / 6'00''76kg / 168lbL
DFabio WagnerLandshut Cannibals2.BL1995-09-171,82m / 6'00''85kg / 187lbL
DYannis WalchJungadler MannheimDNL1995-04-251,81m / 5'11''88kg / 194lbL
FLeon DraisaitlPrince Albert RaidersWHL1995-10-271,88m / 6'02''90kg / 198lbL
FAndreas EderEC Bad TölzOL Süd1996-03-201,89m / 6'02''81kg / 179lbR
FMarkus EisenschmidESV Kaufbeuren2.BL1995-01-221,83m / 6'00''78kg / 172lbR
FErik GollenbeckJungadler MannheimDNL1995-05-311,76m / 5'09''74kg / 163lbR
FDominik KahunSudbury WolvesOHL1995-07-021,76m / 5'09''78kg / 172lbL
FMaximilian KammererEC Bad TölzOL Süd1996-09-281,83m / 6'00''72kg / 159lbL
FMarc MichaelisJungadler MannheimDNL1995-07-311,77m / 5'10''76kg / 168lbL
FFabio PfohlFüchse DuisburgOL West1995-10-181,80m / 5'11''85kg / 187lbL
FMarc SchmidpeterEV Landshut U18DNL1995-03-031,88m / 6'02''85kg / 187lbR
FMarco SedlarEV Landshut U18DNL1995-08-301,81m / 5'11''78kg / 172lbL
FDenis ShevyrinKrefelder EV U18DNL1995-03-291,83m / 6'00''82kg / 181lbL
FParker TuomieJungadler MannheimDNL1995-10-311,75m / 5'09''76kg / 168lbL
FMaximilian VollmayerEHC KlosterseeOL Süd1995-10-291,85m / 6'01''75kg / 165lbR

I am a little surprised, that Denis Shevyrin and Dominik Lascheit did not make the team.
Also Frederik Tiffels is missing, but he is still playing in the USHL and is not available, although he may also be injured because he missed a game recently.

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