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08-28-2006, 12:07 PM
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Helmet is defintely a good investment. Prventing getting what works best for your head will prevent headaches from the thing pinching you and whatnot.
I'd recommend full face coverage with cage or faceshield.
Pants-- you'll prob be on your butt a lot.

Elbows-- same as the'll prob fall a lot even if you are a good skater since chances are, a large number of people can't skate and you get some collisions.

Shoulders-- can skimp on this since it's non-checking most likely.

Shins--worthwhile since you'll be blocking shots, and again..sliding, falling, etc.

Gloves..can skimp, but make sure it's long enough for proper protection.

Sticks- don't be fooled into buying $100 sticks...stick with wood, fine the curve you want, work on your hands before moving up.

Neckguard is worth the extra $10. Not cool when you get tangled up and guys skates and sticks are flying around your neck. If you wanna see what happens, look up Clint Malarchuk.

Go to the local hockey shop, check it out even if you don't intend to buy. Tell the guys if you arn't and maybe you can pay them $5 or something just to get you sized up so you can order online or something.

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