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04-11-2013, 10:56 AM
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Originally Posted by Saundies View Post
I'm one of the biggest Carey price fans around; he's young, he's big, good, and has a hell of a lot of swagger. Is he immune to bad goals? No, but no goalie in the league is at all. That's why it bugs the crap out of me when I'm watching the game and, for example, Sidney Crosby beats Price with a laser shot that only the best player in the world can do. Then I go on twitter, and it's all "come on Price, you have to have that" or even worse, the arm-chair goalie coaches: "that was a bad goal, Price needs to cover his angles better." Can it be possible that sometimes the shooter makes a good shot? Is it possible that the rest of the team isn't immune to criticism and actually has a defensive breakdown?

Any person that blames Price for every single goal has never played hockey in their life, or has hit was the worst teammate in the entire world. If the other team gets a chance to score, chances are the team missed a defensive assignment somewhere.
Actually, lasers were already done by Dave Dziurzynski and some random from Carolina before Mr. Greatest Player in the World sniped his one home.

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