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04-11-2013, 11:02 AM
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Originally Posted by Bob Richards View Post
If anyone likes to make fun of Boyle, its me. It's both hilarious and easy. That said, he....still....takes....WAY....too....much....heat around here. This teams entire offense is just putrid and if your name isn't Derek or Rick, you probably aren't scoring. Verbally slaughtering the 4th line center who is clearly being overused by the coach seems extremely unfair to me.

Boyle is awful offensively. Boyle is prone to stupid penalties. Boyle also works his ****ing ass off and shows more effort night in and out than half this ******* team. He's also the only guy that can win a FO which makes him a lot more valuable than he is given credit for.

Some poster in a previous Boyle thread used an excellent analogy. If the Rangers are a metaphorical car, Brian Boyle is a bad paint job and its stupid to get so worked up over that when the car has no ******* engine.
Moar Jam. Brass was offensively reliable to show up here and there. 8 goals before joining us in 36 games or so. 1 in 4. So far he's gotten 1 in 5 with us (on first day and if pattern holds, he's been plagued by our system.

Torts system can be fine but I theorize that BECAUSE OF TORT'S SYSTEM'S pressure point on the players (what they should be doing in each zone in each situation imaginable), they're mentally unable to retain an instinctive offensive drive. They look confused on 2-1s, 3-2s, breakaways, PPs, 5 on 5s. Only Rick and Step (arguably the only two that are immune to Torts hypnotic messages are producing when they get the chance. Cally works hard in Torts system which is a good match but he's not that skilled to be able to break through and score on command like Step and Nash most nights. Everyone in this system gets over coached imo.


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