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04-11-2013, 10:15 AM
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Originally Posted by all good View Post
The high profile players will continue to grow and you are are wrong, it is clear that when you have elite teams on a regular basis actually WINNING THE MEMORIAL CUP, it is a reflection of how the league is doing.......the way they are drafting has changed for the better and you will see it more and more.....six footers will become more and more common and you will see less and less of the 5'9" guys.....this is a fact and you could take it to the bank!!!
And you will see the 2nd and third and fourth rounders also coming out of the Q more and more
So because St. John's and Shawinigan won the mem cup, the QMJHL is now the best CHL league? Sea Dogs drafted their key piece, Jonathan Huberdeau, late in the first round because he told other teams he wouldn't report lol Shawinigan, memorial cup hosts, didn't even make it through the 2nd round of the QMJHL playoffs... Now Halifax is looking like a favorite, but MacKinnon refused to play for any other team and Drouin told Baie-Comeau he wouldn't report so Halifax knew they could get MacKinnon & also convince Drouin to report once they showed they'd be a contender.

The 5'9" hockey players in the Q has existed forever, I doubt that magically changes because of a couple memorial cups and 2 teams winning memorial cups doesn't change the fact that the majority of NHL draft picks are from the OHL (of the 3 CHL teams) and they produce way more regular NHL players then any of the other 2 leagues. 2 Memorial Cups don't change that fact.

Originally Posted by all good View Post
Never heard of him...........anyway, wanted to discuss a developing trend. The Q has now won three consecutive memorial might be four with the Halifax dominance being displayed right now. It is clear that with these results and the continuous importance , more and more now, the scouts paying special attention to Q players, that Our league is becoming the top junior leaugue over the OHL AND WHL.....even in the u17 competitions, it is being displayed as Ontario got elimoinated very early and quebec went to final.

This year's NHL draft will display top firtst round picks from the Q. It has been a while but the league has turned things around as the teams are drafting wiser now. Although you will still see the exceptional small player, the league has focused on bigger, faster players without sacrificing skill. Ontario right now is not as skilled and the whl lack the skating. Thus the results we have been seeing recently. The bigger player who has the combo of speed, agility, skill and work ethic is now the bar for Q it should be. Nothing wrong with the exceptional small player, but he has to be that, exceptional. Baie comeau is thriving right now because they are big and fast. That is what wins in playoffs.
By the way, it is just the last 2 mem cups for the QMJHL. 2012 Shawinigan, 2011 Saint John, 2010 & 2009 were Windsor...

The QMJHL 95's were one of the rare stacked group for a QMJHL Draft ever. That never ever happens lol and then last year it went right back to brutal depth. This year has excellent top end talent that drops off significantly.

Also, you're underestimating London a lot... I mean A LOT. They were in the mem cup finals last year and they only got better since then. They went 50-13-5 this season in a much more competitive league, meaning they didn't play Cape Breton 6 times

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