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04-11-2013, 10:21 AM
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Originally Posted by bsl View Post
This sounds like something a bitter hateful old woman would say. You should be embarrassed. Get a grip. People here, Habs fans, like me, have the right to fairly criticize any player on Habs, and we don't have agendas for other players.

In fact, I'm not too happy with Eller either. Stop bringing your warped psychodrama crap here. We're just talking about a Habs player. What a ****** little bitter post that was. Attacking others, rather than defending a player you like with facts.

I am so not impressed with your post.
He's an Eller fan, not a DD one.

Originally Posted by bsl View Post
It festers because dimwits don't realize it's actually DD VS Galchenyuk, who will take DD's job after Christmas next year, if DD keeps playing like this.

I don't know who keeps bringing Eller into this conversation, but it's stupid to do so.

Eller has other problems. I am not happy with him either, but they have nothing to do with DD.
I realize it's DD vs Galchenyuk. BTW, did you not just say this in this thread:

Originally Posted by bsl View Post

For one thing, based on his history, Galchenyuk can obviously score goals, and will do so. DD has not shown that he can. That alone leads me to think that Galchenyuk with progress may take DD's spot by the second half of next season.

We badly need 2 centers that can score goals.
While I agree with the projection, DD has more goals than Eller and DD at the moment in his bad year.

Originally Posted by Mrb1p View Post
It is a Eller vs DD discussion. Eller is a C ready for top 6 duties and PP. DD is taking that away from him.
While Chucky is ready for an exploitation role, DD is taking that away from him.
Not really, most agree DD hasn't been great on PP this year and Eller deserves a chance.

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