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04-11-2013, 10:23 AM
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Think about it this way.

What we saw, as fans, from Brian Boyle last night in his 15 minutes of ice time, was exactly what we used to see night in and night out from guys like Jed Ortmeyer, Blair Betts, and Ryan Hollweg (before he became such a liability on the ice). Do you guys remember those days? The HBO fourth line was - in it's ways - amazing for the Rangers.

Every single night you could count on the HBO line to be effective defensively, and even play some shifts grinding the **** out of the opposing team in their offensive zone. That was on a night in and night out basis.

An interesting stat to look at would be Jed Ortmeyer in the 06-07 season. Jed played in 41 games for the Rangers that year, finished +2 and recorded 11 points (2 goals). The year before that in 05-06, Jed would play in 78 games, record 7 points (5 goals) and finish a +2. In 06-07 Jed played an average of 12:35 a game. In 05-06 Jed played an average of 11:06.

He was used as a defensively responsible fourth line winger. He was never called on to provide offense on a nightly basis. If he saw PP time, I can't remember him being out there. HE WAS USED THE RIGHT WAY.

It's a ****ing disaster that Brian Boyle is a third liner on this team. I've been saying it even before the season started. I was saying it even after he scored 21 goals in a season. It was so obvious that he would never, ever touch 20 again. And he's not going to, because he is a fourth liner in the NHL.

Unfortunately for the Rangers, the personnel on this team requires Brian Boyle to play above his head and on the third line. Not so unfortunately for the Rangers, there is a way to keep Brian Boyle away from the PP, and yet Tortorella continues to throw Boyle out there like he's doing God's work, and reward him for doing nothing. OH MY GOD! Boyle used his size in one game last night! Amazing, let's reward him. I say **** that. He's a disaster. He should play no more than 12 minutes a night pending time spent on the PK, and he should never sniff power play time, or touch the ice when the Rangers are down a goal late in the game.

Brian Boyle has 5 points this season. He's averaging 14:28 of ice time a night including time with talented wingers, and power play time. He has been on the ice for less than 10 Rangers goals this season. (As far as I remember, before the trading deadline I read a stat that said Boyle had only been on the ice for four New York Rangers goals, I can't remember how many he's been on since the deadline, and am conceding to typing ~10, which I think is a heavily generous number).

I guess I'm a part of the Renney school of thought where I believe that the fourth line should be the defensively capable line, while the third line should be used to bring some offense to the table. The third line for the New York Rangers will never bring offense to the table with Brian Boyle as a winger on that line. John Tortorella demands defense though, and THAT is why Boyle is a third liner here.

Is it Boyle's fault the Rangers don't have the depth required to make him the true fourth liner that he is? Of course not. Am I counting on Boyle to provide offense to this team? Oh Hell no. Do I wish that Hagelin and Brassard had a more capable winger? You better ****ing believe it. Do I understand it when Torts promotes Boyle to second line duty and plays him with Richards and Clowe? Nope. I don't even pretend to. Am I counting down the days until Dorsett is healthy? You better ****ing believe it. Do I think for a second it makes a difference where Brian Boyle plays in this lineup? No way. Not with this coach.

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