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08-28-2006, 11:51 AM
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Originally Posted by Tlusty the clown View Post
I really can't stickhandle with my head up...I'm like Lindros. I've practiced plenty of times...
Here's a quick tip, then a long set of questions:
You can still look at the puck so long as you don't stop looking around you. Bend your knees enough that you can see the puck in your peripheral vision. The lower your stance (also the further in front of you the puck is) the easier it should be to see the puck.

BTW, how's your stickhandling when you are looking at the puck? If it's not great then you need to practice your technique and possibly build up your arm and wrist strength. I'm naturally right handed but shoot left. I can stickhandle pretty well with just my right but adding my left sometimes does more harm than good, so I'm putting more emphasis on weight lifting on my left side. I'm hoping to gain more control and range of motion as a result.

As you practice, remember that you're trying to build muscle memory. Your hands learn to anticipate where the puck will go by repeating the movement over and over. This is what will allow you to stickhandle without looking. If you practice with a ball that's too light it could affect your timing when you play with a puck.

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