Thread: Confirmed Signing with Link: Detroit Re-Signs Jimmy Howard [6 year/$5.3 M per]
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04-11-2013, 12:16 PM
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Man, this thread just shows how underrated Howard is around the league.

Yeah, the term is maybe a year longer than I would have liked. Yeah, maybe he's overpaid by 500k. Pretty minor stuff compared to other things around the league. This would rank Howard 10th among caphits for goalies, not including guys like Rask and Bob due for even bigger raises this offseason. He's may be a middle of the pack starter overall, but he's getting paid like it.

Originally Posted by CreeksideStrangler View Post
Always saw reimer as a howard clone. Both do well when the team is doing well... rarely steal games. That is the going rate though
There are some similarities but on the contrary, Howard steals games pretty often. He also is hitting the same numbers despite playing in a better conference behind a worse team with inferior defense.

These same people ripped Anaheim for locking up Perry and Getzlaf to, imho, pretty standard contracts. As a Detroit fan, I'm happy about this deal. It's not ideal but it's fair.

edit: also, comparing this to Luongo's contract is hilarious considering that deal takes him to age 50 or whatever. Howard will still be a serviceable goalie by the end of his deal, and if Mrazek is able to live up to his potential, this deal doesn't make Howard 'untradeable'.. I wouldn't be surprised by an NTC/NMC though. Holland hands 'em out like candy on Halloween. That may hurt in the long run.

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