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04-11-2013, 12:21 PM
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Originally Posted by kingsfan View Post
Indirectly, it is what you said.

Bud was only going to stay in the Kings fold with a one-way deal. Pretty much, if you're getting a one-way deal, it's with the expectation you'll be in the line up, at least to start the season. As such, that would have had a direct, and at least short-term, binding impact on the pro roster.

Considering that the way DL elected to handle this situation, and other future pro roster movements that season, led to a Stanley Cup, it's hard to say that DL screwed up anything.

I don't blame Bud at all for going. Money is a huge thing to consider, especially in pro sports, so I don't have any fault with Bud pursuing better offers in another league. I'm just not going to chalk up DL's decision as a screw up.

Additionally, there's no way I'd ever consider it a screw up until such time as there is solid evidence as such. No offense to Bud's production or the league he's in, but Bud Holloway putting up record numbers in the SEL does not hurt the Kings at all. Now if he goes on to sign with the Islanders (like so many ex-Kings do that comeback to bite us in the ass) and scores 40 goals a season for a decade, yeah, that one does hurt and maybe DL deserves to be placed under the microscope for it. On the flipside, Bud has just as much chance of being a journeyman minor leaguer/depth forward, which is a dime a dozen in the NHL.
You're reading something into this that isn't there. DL never called Bud up even once -- that sent a powerful signal -- you're not that close. Had he done so Holloway might well have stayed in the organization. The fact that DL was surprised and disappointed that Bud bolted confirms he screwed up -- this is about long term resource management not the cup run.

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